Bugging Out vs Sheltering in Place is Always a Controversy.


As I get older, reality sets in.  Years ago, when I was much younger I felt as many of you that I could take my backpack and head into the wilderness and survive.  As I got older and learned more I began to question the idea that bugging out to the hills would work, unless you had a specific destination.  In other words, a bug out location.

Now I am 70 years old and still in pretty good shape, but my parents are both still alive and because my mother has had a stroke are limited in what they can do.  My wife and I are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall, in the future we will not be able to function at the same level we do today.  Age catches up with all of us.

Decisions that you make today will affect your future.  For instance, we chose to live close to our children and grandchildren who still have to make a living.  Because of their employment, we don’t live in an ideal spot.  Possibly, we should have moved years ago.  But because we stayed, we have enjoyed our kids, grandchildren and parents.  And personally, if they are going to have problems I would just as soon share them.

By working as a family, we have been able to make some arrangement that I believe will work for us.  But what about you?  If you are young in your twenties, have good field experience, you may be able to survive bugging out in the hills for a period of time.  But you are in the minority.  Most of us have wives and families to take care off.

If you are young move to a good area now and build you’re lives in the country, don’t plan a career that keeps you trapped in a major city.  But for most of us I believe that we will be stuck where were ever we are living when TEOTWAWKI occurs.

I know people who have plans for bugging out to locations that are several hundred miles from home.  I question putting all your money and resources in some place that you will probably not reach.  If you choose to go in that direction, it needs to be close enough to walk too.  The best possible solution is to careful choose your location and make your home in your bug out location.

If you are like us and live in a situation, that is not ideal, think outside the box and figure out a way to make it work. Don’t forget whatever you do that many of us are approaching the year where our physical abilities will be limited.  Take that into consideration when making your plans.


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