Finding a Good Location to Permanently Bug Out To.

You have decided to move, where too?

Let’s assume you have the money and means to move anywhere you want and resettle.  What would be the criteria you would use to find the perfect retreat location?  Now I am assuming that this would probably be your main residence.

After lots of thought, I have come up with the following list of suggestions.  I have posted some of this information in the past.

  • I would want to be on the edge of a small town, one just large enough to have at least a small hospital and doctors.  Maybe 2-5000 people.  No larger.
  • I would want to be at least a hundred miles from a large metropolitan area.  I know many people think this is still to close.  But with traffic jams, accidents and fuel problems I don’t think many people would make it this far.
  • The town would not be on any major transportation routes.  No major roads, freeways, railroads or large airports.  Most people will stick to the major roads.
  • The town would not be located near any military bases.
  • No industrial plants, mines or other strategic businesses.
  • No major government centers.
  • Good availability of surface water.
  • An area that exports food.  Produces more than it uses.
  • I would want to be in a political conservative area with good firearm laws.
  • As long as there was good water and a decent growing season, I wouldn’t worry about the weather, except for hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Avoid any place that the government would be in a hurry to control.  For example major communication links or sources of electric power.
  • I would want at least an acre of land.
  • Consider the dangers of wildfire.

Before I moved there, I would spend a fair amount of time learning about the community.  In addition to the research you can do through the internet and Chamber of Commerce, you need to spent time there.  This means getting to know people other than realtors.  Maybe subscribe to the local paper.  Go on some of the Blogs and ask if anyone lives near there, you may get lucky.  Find a church in the area, talk to people.  The more you can learn upfront the less you are likely to be disappointed later.


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  1. People not getting 100 miles would only apply to a sudden event like an earthquake, maybe a hurricane. A slow economic collapse over a month would have escape distributed over time with some people leaving early and then more and more as conditions deteriorate. My minimum would probably be 1/2 average tank of gas.

    Find a place on the MLS and go knock on a neighboring door. “Hi, I’m ____ and I was thinking of buying the place over there and I wanted to meet my potential neighbors.”

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