A Bug In Plan is an Option You Always Need

bug inI have been giving a lot of thought to the subjects of woodcraft and bugging out.  One conclusion I have come to is that many preppers would be stuck and have to bug in even if they plan to bug out. This is particularly true if it is a sudden event, for example an EMP attack.  A bug out location that you do not live in or are not capable of reaching on foot may prove to be a wasted investment.

I know of people who have bug out locations that are several hundred miles from their homes.  Even with vehicles, this may be hard to reach in many situations, especially if there is martial law declared. Depending on the triggering event, they may be sizing vehicles and blocking roads.  A bug out location that you can reach on foot within a reasonable amount of time may be feasible. One that is to far away may leave you stuck on the side of the road with few supplies and no real options.

Another factor on traveling to a bug out location on foot is the general health of your family or group.  Are you prepared to leave members who can’t travel due to age or health?  What about if you have several young children?

The preferred option is to live in your bug out location.  But for many of us this is not practical.  We will be stuck where we live and have to survive on what we have at home.  It would be very upsetting to have a large and well-equipped bug out location a hundred or more miles away and not be able to reach it or find it already occupied when you arrived.

This brings me back to my main point.  You need to have sufficient supplies on hand at your home to survive for a significant period of time.  Even if you live in a city apartment you can develop and locate resources in your area that that greatly increase your chances of survival over the masses of sheep,  many of whom may very well leave your area and head for the country.

What I am advocating is that regardless of what type of bug out location you have, you need a good bug in plan.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, have more than one plan.

Now I know that there are many preppers who will disagree with me.  But I will bet that most of them are younger in good health and have no small children.  But for us who are older or have young children we have to plan for the possibility of having to bug in.



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5 Responses to A Bug In Plan is an Option You Always Need

  1. Anonymous says:

    After 9/11 I initiated what became a ten-year process to plan for retirement, moving out away from the city, becoming debt free and preparing to live a rural, self-reliant lifestyle with the help of neighbors, friends and family. Both cars and the house are paid for, I tithe to my church, do volunteer work in my community and have managed to build my food storage, carpentry and gardening skills. It can be done, but it takes discipline.

  2. Taxdn2poverty says:

    No disrespect intended, but no one can survive long while bugging in, if it is a true long term toetwawki event. In reference to bugging out, a bol several hundred miles away is not smart at all. Unless of course you have stashes buried along the way and also understand that it may take years to complete the trip. But, back to normal people: The reasons people love to hear survivable bug in advice is that it takes the pressure off of them. That’s the whole story in a nutshell. Bugging out takes a lot of planning, work, expense and the decision to walk away and leave what you worked for all these years. Bugging in, on the other hand is simple, so most people are choosing that route: But is is a death sentence.
    We are beating a dead horse here, but nothing can be protected for very long in bug in environment after shft. Not our homes, preps, vehicles, or our lives. Please give this some thought and make the tough choice before it is too late. thanks

    • mark haney says:

      so the alternative is to try to travel unprotected with a bare minimum of supplies, unless you have a tractor trailer rig with an army to protect it over how many miles to a bug out place that may have already have been taken over? there are negative points to both bugging out or in, its going to be luck of the draw witch ever way you choose.

  3. Veteran Who Is Preparing says:

    There does seem to be an obsession with bugging out. I blame TV for most of it and shows like Doomsday Preppers. Almost every one had to demonstrate a bug out plan. I remember one of the preppers on it who lived multiple hundreds of miles from his bug out bunker. He counted on having lots of warning and free flow of traffic to reach it. The guy was grossly obese and probably would have a heart attack if he actually had to walk 1/4 mile. When he reached his bunker he prepared a meal for just himself that would feed my entire family. I think in his critique he was told to drop some tonnage and workout. His response was that he needed the excess weight to out last everyone else. I think he worked in either the film or recording industry as an exec and was overly full of himself and confident in how much smarter he was than the rest of us. My personal belief is that as long as you don’t live in or near a nuclear target area (large city, military base, nuclear power plant, etc..) or VERY close to a great bug out area (national forest, mountains, etc..) your primary plan should be to bug in but still have more than 1 bug out plan available and practiced.

  4. Tar says:

    This debate will continue right up until the ship hits the sand. I see a lot of truth on both sides. Historically, there are survivor stories of people who fled and people who stayed, even in big cities during terrible wars. The key is adaptability. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive?
    Could you trash your house and live like a rat in your crawl space while looters came through at odd hours to search for food? There are people around the world doing that right now.
    One of my biggest fears is that nothing happens to “reset” our way of life and we continue on our path of self destruction.
    The world is so messed up and there are so many things that could go wrong that we don’t have a clue what events will occur or in what order. For the last few years it’s seemed inevitable that the economy would fall apart. And yet now I have to wonder if the banksters have many more years worth of money games and paper fixes that will keep us afloat in this fantasy world. Militarily, it seems like Russia and China are in no hurry. They probably enjoy watching us make all of these insane policy decisions. And culturally, we’ve seen the Islamic endgame in Europe: breed them out over generations.
    I think every prepper’s worst nightmare is that our kids will be silent, our grandkids will mock us, and our great grandkids will be slaves.

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